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Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Your unique raffle number :


Your email address is used only for winner notification. See foot of page for this month's prize contributor and last month's results.

(I'd like to start again and change the above raffle number.)

Kidlington Voice Online
Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Kidlington Voice Online

* RAFFLE PRIZE MAY 2019 contributed by MicroBar DrunkDry
  A Bottle of Fine Wine
  Bordeaux Superieur 2015

DrunkDry MicroBar The May draw will be held on the evening of Friday 31st May 2019. This free raffle (please take a ticket at top-left of this page) is open throughout this calendar month but you must take a new ticket for each month's draw. Entrants must be able to collect their prize from the Kidlington area within two weeks of winner notification. Raffle numbers are unique and randomly generated. Your number is included in the draw when you enter your email address on your ticket and press 'Enter' — no receipt acknowledgement is made and only one ticket per email address is included in the month's draw: you may change your number by taking another ticket but only your most recent number is entered into the draw. The winning ticket is selected randomly by computer and its number posted here at the end of the month: the winner is notified by email. Importantly, email addresses are used only for winner notification and for no other purpose. Local organisations wishing to offer a prize for the monthly raffle should contact louise.lloydKidlington Voice Online

We are grateful to the Abingdon Air Show for offering family tickets to the air show as the prize for April 2019.
  There were 52 entrants for the April draw with ticket numbers taken in this sequence: 15470946 • 58387337 • 50961540 • 76742423 • 94592657 • 36251498 • 34754960 • 84461540 • 86430855 • 75753315 • 85847294 • 76435898 • 87430179 • 50635843 • 43952988 • 26377431 • 41675455 • 65633551 • 73594925 • 65990989 • 72711619 • 18072046 • 23483892 • 90840988 • 30680806 • 81619924 • 39157075 • 61452521 • 30068336 • 87984541 • 37225425 • 31660473 • 44745809 • 60559242 • 40648118 • 13528389 • 59858841 • 16468487 • 97175073 • 78677935 • 22521186 • 98005557 • 37125926 • 97247681 • 21538515 • 37783937 • 41781395 • 45501569 • 71233031 • 55156456 • 36013086 • 11702418 • The winning ticket was selected by a computer programmed to generate a new ticket-number on the evening of 30th April 2019: this randomly generated number was 62019345 and the April entrant closest to that number was Ticket 61452521. The email address associated with the winning number has been notified by Louise Lloyd and, with their permission, the winner's name can now be revealed: the winner of the April 2019 draw is Kidlington resident Liz Townsend who says she is delighted with the win and would like to thank all those at KV-Online for arranging the raffle and to Abingdon Air Show for providing the prize! The raffle for May 2019 is now open - please help yourself to a free ticket at the top of this page. Enjoy!

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