1. Kidlington News Magazine
The November 2019 edition is now available. It includes news of a special exhibition of WW2 veterans portraits at the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum and the story of just one Kidlington man killed in WW1. All the usual reports from churches, councils and local organisations are included. There are also details of many events happening in the next month - see all the posters, announcements and the comprehensive Whats On listings. Copies are available from all the usual outlets or by contacting Margaret Day at kidnews@btinternet.com

The October 2019 edition contained information on vaccinations, an article on the Adult Learning Centre, childrens activities at the Library, and restoration of a wartime bus. Back copies are available by contacting Margaret Day at kidnews@btinternet.com

The September 2019 edition contained articles and photos on Scouting, the Kidlington Peace Campaign, Cancer Screening, Gala Day, Kidlington in Bloom and information on a survey for cyclists. There were the regular reports from churches, councils and local organisations. Back copies are available by contacting Margaret Day at kidnews@btinternet.com

In the August 2019 edition we celebrated visiting hedgehogs and steam trains as well as congratulating a long-distance cyclist. Reports from churches, councils and local organisations were included as usual.

The July 2019 edition contained articles ranging from Wayside Garden to Cambodia, from Agent Sonya to D Day to a 100th birthday. We had reports from the schools, councils and churches as well as lots of local organisations. The recipe was for Briam (but you have to read the magazine to find out what that is!). And thanks to Lynda Holland for one of her poems.

The June 2019 edition featured the Photo Group Print of the Year Winners, the spy who lived in Kidlington and details of our local councillors following the May elections. As usual it had reports from the councils, churches and many local organisations.

The May 2019 edition included a tribute to the well-known and well-loved John Wheeler, following his tragic death in March. The edition also had another item in our occasional series on Kidlington shops - this time featuring one of the market stalls. Other articles included information from the Oxford Bus Museum, Gosford Hill Medical Centre and our local Swift Group.

The April 2019 edition featured reports from Councils, Churches and Local Organisations, as well as a Recipe. Announcements and Whats On gave details of many events happening during the month.

The March 2019 edition included an updated copy of The Kidlington Directory 2019. Articles included a tribute to Peggy Edgington, who was a faithful distributor of KN until her sudden death in December, introductions to the Advanced Practitioners now at the KEY Medical Practice, and an update on plans for Kidlington 800. And there are special Pancake Day recipes to try.

The February 2019 edition featured an obituary of Dorothy Hughes, an update on proposals for Stratfield Farm, a Police report and news of local charities. We also reported on the Follow that Star event in the High Street before Christmas, complete with a picture of the adorable camel and the nativity scene within St Marys.

The January 2019 edition included an interview with Bishop Steven, who lives in the village, together with Police News, information on local grant- giving organisations and news of the opening of the new Guide Centre.