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19 May 2019 20:36

Discussion Forum

On the main home page, click on the very top button headed 'Forum Login' to read about the new online discussion forum for members of community groups.


Benefit in this forum is found in its value to any membership group which manages an agenda.

The forum is especially useful to members who are routinely online.

In practice, the forum provides for on-going access to the principal discussion items of a community group before
and after the group's meetings held in person.

The forum's foremost purpose is to facilitate the efficient
running of an upcoming meeting by enabling pre-consideration of ideas offered by individual members.

Each group's forum is private to its members: there is no public view nor access to any other forum.

This forum is technically efficient. It is fast and all data is encrypted in transit over the internet.

The forum is managed independently so no technical burden is placed on group organisers
other than to provide a list of members indicating read-only or write
permission for each member, plus a list of the group's topic headings sensibly limited to, say, five-or-six-or-so topics to retain focus.

Thereafter the forum is quickly established and essentially runs itself by members logging in and responding to topic-comments made by other members.

The system is designed to be elementary in performance: easy to use yet effective for its purpose, akin to writing a short email in
response to a stimulus question. There are no unnecessary add-ons, no graphics, no attachments. Rather, a means simply to submit a textual comment under each topic category.

Members with write permission are encouraged to review and double-check
their comment before submitting it. For this reason, writers are required to re-enter their password to confirm that they have reviewed
their comment before pressing the button to publish it.

The system is mobile responsive: automatically re-formatting its text for large desktop monitors, or a smaller laptop or tablet computers, or handheld smartphones
so users can read and write to their forum at any time online and on the move.
Discussion Forum

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