Begbroke Village

Norma Aubertin-Potter

T his brief article announces the arrival in 2022 of a new trio of booklets about the village of Begbroke published by The Kidlington and District Historical Society and available for purchase by email to the books' author:

Begbroke Church in 2021

Norma writes, "I was born in Begbroke and lived there for twenty-three years before moving to Kidlington. Most people don't notice Begbroke as they drive along the main road — not slowing down for the roundabout, but the village has an interesting past. These new publications are a follow up to a history I wrote in 1984 taking the story from the beginning as we then knew it, but only up to 1900. I was persuaded to do a new history bringing the work up to date as far as possible and the following is the result. If you would to obtain a copy of these books please write to me directly at my email adress, above.

Part One — The General History of Begbroke

Part One in the series covers the Social Clubs including the discovery of books of Minutes rescued from a skip by a villager! Other sections include headings for The Village Shop, the History Society, the burial of the first English woman pilot, the burial of Lady Gwendoline Spencer Churchill, Small Pox where one of the first doctors lived in the village. The farms are also included, plus the manor houses and schools, and the Royal Sun public house. Part One is priced at £5.00.

Part Two — The Village Church

Part Two contains lovely images of most of the stained glass taken by Chris Roff whose father lived in the village and who kindly allowed me to reproduce them in the book. Part Two is priced at £5.50.

Part Three is dedicated to The Begbroke Women's Institute. Please order your copy by writing to the author at the address below.

Copies available from the author:

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Norma Aubertin-Potter PhD MCLIP for many years has served the role of The Library at All Souls College, University of Oxford [SEE ALSO 'Honoured at Oxford' above]. Norma is a resident of Kidlington Village and a member of the Kidlington and District Historical Society.

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