PLEASE NOTE the bus timetable published here on Kidlington Voice Online has been collated by KVoice from primary information sourced from the Stagecoach website specifically from this original PDF document. Any errors in transcription are unintended but are undoubtedly a shortcoming of KVoice and should any errors be discovered subsequent to this publication please report them to louise.lloyd@kvoice.co.uk. Please be aware that all published timetables for any scheduled services are designed to show anticipated routes and times, and original timing information is itself qualified as being approximate. Therefore actual times and routes are subject to change and potentially at short notice to meet prevailing conditions hence visitors to KVoice are advised to double-check critical journeys by visiting the Stagecoach Website for the most current information. KVoice maintains close contact with Stagecoach to ensure that any changes to its published timetable are timely and properly reflected in the KVoice online version which is offered by KVoice to the local online community in hope that it provides a convenient, fast, and useful information source for routine visitors to Kidlington Voice Online. Stagecoach works in partnership with the Oxford Bus Company to deliver public transport services between Kidlington and Oxford.

Follow Stagecoach on twitter: @stagecoach_ox; find Stagecoach on facebook: /stagecoachInOxfordshire. The Stagecoach Code of Practice is available to view online at https://www.stagecoachbus.com/code-of-practice. Conditions of Carriage are also available online at https://www.stagecoachbus.com/conditions-of-carriage. Customer Services of Stagecoach in Oxfordshire can be contacted at Horspath Road, Oxford OX4 2RY. Tel: 01865-772250.